Women who choose to study Journalism will have to complete Military Service

Women who choose to study Journalism will have to complete Military Service

HAVANA, January 31. After announcing the possibility that young Cuban women who enter the Journalism career would have to complete one year of Active Military Service,areport in the state press confirmed this information.

A work published on the website of the CMG Radio Cabaiguán station, from Sancti Spíritus, stated that “completing one year of Active Military Service, an added requirement for young women who opt for a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism starting in the 2024-2025 academic year, will challenge the young woman, willing to combine her curls with the olive green suit.”

The report is about the experience of Carolina de la Caridad Rodríguez López, one of the two women from that Cuban territory who recently passed the Journalism aptitude tests.

“If we have to pass the Service, well, we will pass it. I have been told experiences that this is very strong, being so far from home for so many days, getting up so early, but it is not something that scares me,” said the young woman in the radio material available on the web portal.

In addition, the young woman will have to enter the University College for aspiring Journalists, an initiative that is being carried out for the second time in that central region of the country and in which she will undergo eight weeks of comprehensive training prior to entering the house of higher education. .

Since last year, new provisions were applied in Cuba to enter the Journalism career in universities, which included said University College.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, the purpose of the provision was to “promote the training of comprehensive professionals, capable of facing the current complexity of the media.”

The University College is a mechanism that is applied for the first time in this specialty and for admission, eleventh grade applicants must pass the aptitude tests that will allow them to enter the College.

Likewise, it is worth remembering that at the beginning of last December, non-state media reported that young Cuban women pursuing a degree in Journalism starting in the 2024-2025 academic year would have to complete one year of Military Service, although the news had not been confirmed. by the Cuban authorities.

The information was revealed by a source from the University of Camagüey who assured that the new measure will be applied starting next year, so the students, in addition to passing the aptitude tests and passing the University College, would have to spend a year in the service.

At that time, said source added that “this was ruled orally; there is no official document. It has already been discussed in all the educational centers where Journalism is studied in the country.”

Furthermore, a professor from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana told these media that “it was something that was materializing a couple of years ago: equalizing the Journalism degree program with that of the Institute of International Relations. There the girls have to undergo mandatory service.”

The measure was considered “aberrant” and its implementation, some claimed, “will end up burying” the Journalism career on the island.