Young Mexican Ballerina Awarded Grand Prix in Havana

paulinaq guraiebHAVANA  28 April   Young Mexican Paulina Guraieb was awarded the Grand Prix of the 12th International Contest for Ballet Academies, held in Cuba from April 21st to 26th. Guraieb was given an ovation in the three rounds of the competition for her well-defined technique, musicality, brave attitude on stage and amazing turns. The jury was made up of director of National School of Cuba Ramona de Saa, director of South African Manzi Ballet Dirk Badenhorst, professors Tatiana Izquierdo, from Peru, Cheril Town from the United States and Roberto Machado from Mexico, Venezuelan art critic Carlos Paolillo and prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Cuba Viengsay Valdes, among other dance important figures. The 20th International Meeting of Ballet Academies, which was attended by 700 foreign delegates from 15 countries, was closed by this competition. Winners of the several categories were Leticia Nayely (Mexico), Harold Mendez (Cuba), Ivana Bueno (Mexico), Cesar Josue Ramirez (Cuba), Ana Marta Zamora (Cuba), Mayna Miranda (Cuba), Laura Alejandra Tosar (Cuba), Brian Gomez (Cuba), Francisco Serrano (USA), Francois Llorente (Cuba), Rafael Quenedit (Cuba), Pablo de Jesus (Cuba), Daniela Favelo and Raul Miranda (Cuba). sgl/eav/ro/msm