XXI Drum Festival, in Havana from March 5 to 10, 2024

XXI Drum Festival, in Havana from March 5 to 10, 2024

HAVANA, Feb. 21st. The Organizing Committee of the Fiesta del Tambor Festival, the National Center of Popular Music, the Culture Province of Havana, the Ministry of Culture, and the Sabian / Gon Bops Company, call for the International Competition “Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam” in the framework of the XXI Edition of the event.

In PERCUSSION the specialties to compete will be Drums, Congas, and Timbales.

DRUMS is only for professional drummers with a Grand Prize for the first-place winner, and other prizes that include diplomas and various gifts.

And in the Timbal and Congas categories, it is open to all ages. The Gon Bops Company will give a Timbale and a set of Congas to the First Places in those specialties. And in the “under 15 years” category, the Organizing Committee will award Diplomas and other prizes.

In DANCE, there will be competition in CASINO (in pairs) and RUMBA in pairs (“Yambú” and “Guaguancó”) and individuals (“Columbia”).

These international competitions are open to all ages but will be divided into SENIORS, and MINORS who will compete up to the age of 15. In both categories, the Organizing Committee will award multiple awards.

A minor will not be allowed to compete with an adult to avoid problems at the awards ceremony.

The decision of the Jury in all cases will be final.

The registration deadline will be February 24, 2024.

The dates of the Qualifiers will be March 5 and March 6, 2024; those of Percussion in the Aula Magna of the ISA, and those of Dance in the Salón Rosado of La Tropical.

For participants interested in participating in the Competitions who come from other countries, the registration fee will be 25 euros or 25 USD. Registration methods will be through the Paradiso Agency as in previous editions, and reconfirmed by email to giraldopilotobarreto@gmail.com  , piloto@cubarte.cult.cu, and eventos4@paradis.artex.cu

The price for foreigners to attend the Dance or Percussion Master Classes will be 25 euros or 25 USD for each day. And the entrance to the Competitions (Eliminators) will be 25 euros or 25 USD.

The Organizing Committee will update everything related to the festival on our websites: