Xiaomi phones blocked in Cuba has been gradually restored

What Cubans learnd from Xiaomi cellphones being blocked

HAVANA, Sept. 13th  (Sputnik) A few hours after the blockade of several models of mobile phones manufactured by the Chinese company Xiaomi in Cuba,

the affected users confirmed the restoration of service on their mobile devices.

“For those who have blocked a Xiaomi phone. Put your line or connect to Wi-Fi and wait. Cell phones are automatically unlocked,” says a message posted on the Young Computer and Electronics Club on the social network Facebook.

In recent weeks, some Xiaomi phone owners residing in Cuba have seen how their devices are They are blocked With notice on the screen warning that the policy of this company “does not allow the sale or supply of the product in the region where you attempted to activate it”.

According to information provided to Sputnik by Eric Garcia Cruz, a social networking influencer and facilitator of communication technologies on the island, the affected phones were of recent production and were imported to Cuba in less than six months.

Among the Xiaomi phones that were banned in Cuba, the Redmi Note 9 (Global), 9S, 10, 10 Pro, 9A (IN), 9C, 10T and X3 Pro (Global) stand out.

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Many users on the networks expressed their happiness with the restoration of service on their mobile phones.

The reasons for the blocking of Xiaomi phones in Cuba are not yet known.

The Chinese company has no official offices, representatives or suppliers in Cuba, and the phones of that brand enter Cuba by travellers, are not sold in stores, are brought in by natural persons, and are bought abroad for donation or resale on the island.