XBB1 new variant of the coronavirus circulates in Cuba

XBB1 new variant of the coronavirus circulates in Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 27. Health authorities in Sancti Spíritus confirmed that the new variant circulates in that territory, as in other provinces of the country.omicron called XBB1.

According to specialists, this new variant causes the same clinical manifestations as the previous ones, and it is neither deadlier nor more lethal than the others, according to a report from the local official newspaper Escambray.

Manuel Rivero Abella, Provincial Director of Health in that central Cuban province, explained that the XBB1 variant, which began to circulate in Europe, has been introduced in several provinces of the country due to trade and tourism.

“As an omicron variant, it has the same behavior: it is transmitted from person to person, which is why we recommend that you wear a mask, but it is not a standard at this time, nor is it indicated by the Ministry of Public Health,” he commented.

The official specified that another 16 respiratory viruses are also circulating, some of which cause important clinical manifestations such as fever, arthralgia and headache.

Likewise, Rivero Abella indicated that the cases infected with this new variant are not always sequenced, of which several carriers and asymptomatic people have been identified, based on the mandatory PCR measure that is applied to travelers from some countries, such as For example, Nicaragua.

“The positivity of the PCR is practically zero, which means that at the moment there is no alarm with this variant of omicron XBB1,” he explained.

The official praised the efficacy of the Cuban vaccine against these new variants, despite the fact that recently Mexican specialists have doubted the efficacy of the Cuban Abdala vaccine against the new omicron variants.

“One of the objectives of our vaccine, in addition to the fact that its efficacy is recognized, is that the behavior of these variants is like a common cold and that is how this variant is behaving: it is not lethal, nor is it transmitted much more,” he assured.

In recent weeks, Cuba has reported an increase in coronavirus cases. Last Sunday, 31 new cases were detected, for a total of 144 active positives, none of them in serious condition.

At the end of November, the Ministry of Public Health asked Cubans to reinforce prevention measures in the festive season of the end of the year that is approaching.

“Taking into account the upcoming festivities, where a large number of people are concentrated, and migration, both internal and from abroad, is increasing, it is necessary to go immediately to the health services in the event of respiratory symptoms,” The agency said on its website.