World meeting on information and communications starts in Cuba

World meeting on information and communications starts in Cuba
HAVANA, Dec 2 (P L) With the participation of representatives from Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and another dozen countries,…

the 10th International Meeting of Information and Communication Researchers and Experts(ICOM 2019) starts here this Monday.

The opening day of the event, which takes place in Havana’s International Conference Center, will feature a keynote lecture by Spanish professor Manuel Castells and a panel on the experiences of political communication in Latin America.

The leading sociologist will refer to political communication and power in today’s global scenarios.

ICOM 2019 will run through Friday, and address issues such as contributions to e-government, technological mediation in educational processes for development, and information and technology gaps in communications and culture.

Among the invited guests are the professor of the University of São Paulo, Sueli Mara Soares Pinto; and educator Luciana Duranti of the Library, Archival and Information Studies School of the University of British Columbia.

Along with the theoretical event, an expo will be held for institutions linked to the field to show their products and services.

Under the title ‘Information, communication, and development agendas,’ ICOM 2019 is sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education, the Union of Cuban Journalists, the University of Havana and others bodies related to information and communications.