World Chefs Association declares Cuban cuisine World Intangible Heritage

World Chefs Association declares Cuban cuisine World Intangible HeritageHavana, Apr 3 (PL)  The pokes men of the Federation of Culinary Associations of the Republic of Cuba World ChefsAssociation ,declares Cuban cuisine World Intangible Heritage.

The recognition was due to the work to safeguard the identity and continuity of a gastronomy with deep Cuban origins, in addition to contributing to promote respect for cultural diversity and human creativity, the sources stated.

The decree was announced this weekend by the Continental Director of the Americas and Caribbean Islands of that organization, chef Claudio Ferrer, who highlighted during an event at Artechef Restaurant in Havana that this cooking technique is identified by the form, knowledge, flavor and many other techniques.

According to today’s report, Ferrer said in the presence of a group of WorldChefs directors and Cuban executives, that the local cuisine has maintained its traditions over the years and is highly appreciated internationally.

A team from this global body is visiting Cuba until April 6th with the aim of exchanging with tourism and local trade authorities and to rise support for the activities of the FACRC.

The executive emphasized that the island gastronomy has maintained its influence of different cultures, giving a unique touch of distinction in its flavor, hence its universal value, when it allowed influences from everywhere, positive and incorporated in a natural way.

The Worldchefs delegation will exchange experiences this week with the Ministries of Tourism and of Interior Trade.

The representative of the Association of Chefs in Argentina, Ernesto Ruben Baez, and that of the culinary society of Puerto Rico, Marco Rodriguez, also participate in the group.