Why are Cuban “puros” more famous than Fidel himself?

Why are Cuban “puros” more famous than Fidel himself?

HAVANA, January 18. Cuban “cigars” are made by hand with meticulous care, using the best tobacco leaves.
“Cigar” lovers and whiskey lovers have a lot in common:those who get close to the product, become connoisseurs, learn more about the taste and quality of the product, find out where the best quality ones are produced, and always explore new ones with the idea of finding “the holy grail”.

Pointing out which are the best cigars in the world is not an easy task.

However, we have consulted various expert lists, including those from the renowned trade magazine Cigar Aficionado, to highlight the most recommended and popular brands that every cigar lover should try.

The different brands of Cuban “cigars”

Cohiba is practically a synonym for “Cuban product.” Many consider these cigars to be of the highest quality.

What there is no doubt is that Cohiba is world-renowned and acclaimed. One of the reasons that they are created by hand, using unique tobacco production techniques, is in the famous “El Laguito Cohiba” factory.

Each of its launches is an event for lovers of the brand, who always find new flavors and textures in each product.

Arturo Fuente is another of the most respected cigar brands, with a long heritage, it is said that of Cuban blood, but of undeniable Dominican origin.

Since its founding until today, it has changed and grown a lot. It started selling outside a house and today distributes more than 30 million cigars a year.

It is noted as the main producer of Dominican cigars in the world (although in reality it was formally founded in Florida). It has a very extensive portfolio, which offers something special for each of those who are passionate about the subject.

We could say that it is one of the few brands that does not produce specifically Cuban cigars and that enjoys such an enormous reputation. Their cigars are packaged with a special humidification system that keeps the flavor fresh.

Finally, Romeo and Juliet are named. Another brand originated in Cuba. It dates back to having been founded in no less than 1875.

It is clear that this company managed to expand beyond its aboriginal territory; it produces some of its products in the Dominican Republic and others in Nicaragua, places where high-quality tobacco is also grown.

Romeo and Julieta was the favorite brand of Winston Churchill, an avid cigar lover.

So true is this that a series of cigars was even produced in his name. We can say that Rome y Julieta is not only one of the favorite brands of connoisseurs, who know how to choose each cigar, but it is also one of the most popular and best-selling brands around the world.

Why do many consider Cuban cigars to be the best?

The world fame of the Cuban seed is due to a combination of factors

Climate and soil: Cuba has a unique climate and soil, ideal for the cultivation of

The warm temperatures, humidity and mineral richness of the volcanic soil give tobacco leaves special characteristics in terms of flavor, aroma and combustibility.

Tradition: Tobacco production in Cuba has a long tradition that is
dates back to pre-Columbian times.

Ancestral knowledge and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, perfecting the cigar-making process.

Quality: Cuban cigars are handcrafted with meticulous care,
using the best tobacco leaves. The selection, curing and twisting process is artisanal, which guarantees a high-quality product.

Brand: Cuban cigar brands, such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás and
Romeo and Juliet are recognized worldwide for their prestige and exclusivity.

Embargo: The U.S. trade embargo on Cuba has contributed to the fame of Cuban cigars, creating an aura of mystery and exclusivity around them.

Flavor:  Cuban cigars are characterized by their complex and aromatic flavor, with notes of spices, wood, coffee and chocolate. The combustion is slow and uniform, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and long-lasting smoke.

Experience: Smoking a Cuban cigar is a unique sensory experience that goes beyond the simple act of smoking. It is a ritual that is enjoyed calmly and in company, appreciating the nuances of the flavor and aroma of tobacco.

In summary, the fame of Cuban cigars is based on a combination of factors such as climate, tradition, quality, brand, embargo and the unique flavor they offer.

They are considered by many to be the best cigars in the world, appreciated for their aromatic complexity, slow combustion, and pleasurable sensory experience.