Who is Davide Lo Surdo? An Italian who entered eternity

Who is Davide Lo Surdo? An Italian who entered eternity

Davide Lo Surdo, born on July 24, 1999, in Rome, is an Italian guitarist who has entered eternity for his speed on the guitar. Rolling Stone magazine described him as the fastest guitarist in the history of music, due to his ability to play 129 notes per second.

His signature guitar, the “DLS1,” is part of the permanent collection of historical instruments at the “Sigal” Museum, where instruments once played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Fryderyk Chopin are also preserved.

One of the guitars used by Lo Surdo during his 2024 tour in Cuba is permanently exhibited at the National Music Museum in Havana, Cuba.

Lo Surdo is featured in the music history book “Rock Memories 2,” alongside legends like the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.

He was awarded at the Sanremo Music Awards in Venice, Italy, as the fastest guitarist of all time. GuitarraMX Magazine recognized him as the fastest guitarist in history, featuring him on the cover of its July 2021 edition during his tour of Latin America.

At the age of 9, Lo Surdo discovered his love for the guitar. Inspired by his neighbor Aurora Zannini, he embarked on a musical journey guided by a local priest at the “Santa Gemma Galgani” church in his Rome neighborhood. It was there that he played his first notes. His mother is Sandra Giorgio, and his father is Maurizio Lo Surdo.

During his childhood, Davide spent time playing with Aurora, a girl his age. One day, Davide saw Aurora playing simple chords with the help of her father and was so fascinated that he asked where Aurora took lessons. Subsequently, Davide’s mother sent him to learn the instrument at the oratory, where the neighborhood priest gave lessons to the little ones.

It was the priest who first realized that Davide had a unique talent and soon told his mother. Davide was only 9 years old, and shortly thereafter, he was already able to make quick chord changes.