Who are the cuban artists most followed on Instagram?

Who are the cuban artists most followed on Instagram?

HAVANA, May 26th Instagram it is without a doubt the social network more used and effective for artists, celebrities and influencers. The platform has had an impressive growth in the past five years and currently has more than a billion users so if you want visibility, this is where you have to be.

In 2020, the undisputed king of Instagram is the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo220 million followers, that follow the American singer Ariana Grande, 187 million; the actor and ex luchador Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with 184 million; the fourth place is shared by Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner with 177 million followers each, and the fifth position is occupied by Kim Kardashian with 172 million.

But what in the virtual universe of Cuban who is the most followed on the popular social network?

Artists and influencers Cubans that exceed one million followers on Instagram:

Camila Hair (49.7 million)

The artist was born in Cuba with more followers on Instagram is the singer Camila Cabello with a figure close to 50 million. In addition, it has over 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The young man was born in Cojimar, in 1997, and is one of the singers most sought after on the international market.

Malú Trevejo (8.3 million)

In its 17 years, the young singer and influencer, born in Havana occupies the second position of the list and has over a million subscribers on your YouTube channel. Being very small she moved to Madrid with his parents and currently resides in Miami. His musical debut was in 2017 with the simple Full Moon, whose video clip has over 100 million views.

William Levy (7.2 million)

The model, actor, heartthrob of telenovelas and producer, is the third artist born in Cuba with more followers on Instagram. Currently, Levy is preparing to film a new version of the popular telenovela Coffee, with an aroma of woman.

Sandra Cires (3.2 million)

The singer and influencer pinareña occupies the fourth place and is, in addition, the Youtuber Cuban has more followers on the platform, with more than 13 million subscribers.

Lili Estefan (3.1 million)

The model and presenter of The Fat and the Skinny has more than three million fans on the social network and is one of the most important figures of Hispanic television in the United States.

Ana de Armas (3 million)

The new princess of Hollywood is one of the Cuban most followed, acclaimed and international, in addition to the new Bond girl, soon will be the new Marilyn Monroe.

Gente de Zona (1.8 million)

Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolm are the urban artists to Cuba’s most-followed in Instagram and his latest success, Girl along to Becky G, has more than 13 million views on YouTube.

Lisandra Silva (1.6 million)

The model, dancer, and exchica reality living in Chile is one of the Cuban most popular in Instagram and is about to give birth to her first childNoah, the fruit of his relationship with the dancer Chilean Raúl Peralta.

Pollito Tropical (1.4 million)

The young Randy Alvarez is one of the main influencers Cubans and figures among the YouTubers most successful, with nearly a million subscribers.

Lis Vega (1.2 million)

The singer, actress and model fitness based in Mexico, was born in Havana and is 42 years old.

Niurka Marcos (1 million)

Singer, dancer and actress, also known as “The woman of scandal” for his thundering polemics, and nicknamed Mom Niu for his faithful followers.

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