What is known about the explosion of flyers that left two injured in Guayos?

¿Qué se sabe de la explosión de voladores que provocó dos heridos en Guayos?

HAVANA, Nov. 21. In Guayos, a town in the municipality of Cabaiguán, in central Cuba, manipulating flyers is practically an act of cultural identity:In that town, parrandas that are about to celebrate their centenary and that are part of the set of traditional festivals declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity survive with little government support, but with the excessive favor of the people.

But in Guayos, accidents in the handling of fireworks have also been common due to their respect, some unfortunately famous for material damage and loss of human life.

The most recent of them took place on November 18 in a home on 21 de Octubre Street, between Independencia and General Carrillo, where two people were injured, including a minor.

According to the testimony of neighbors, a pair of explosions and black smoke confirmed the seriousness of the incident, which caused burns to David Alejandro Martínez Reyes, 16, and Nelson Ferrer Díaz, 28.

The local press, citing sources from the Ministry of the Interior, reported that the accident occurred due to the detonation of two bags of flyers stored clandestinely in the house, where a baby and two elderly people also lived together and other explosive items and firecrackers were stored. in a nearby room.

Hours after the explosion, Nelson Ferrer Díaz was discharged because his injuries did not require hospitalization; However, David Alejandro Martínez Reyes is reported to be extremely critical with high danger to life, around 60 percent of his body burned and severe chest trauma, as confirmed to the press by Tatiana Hernández González, head of the Burn Service of the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital of Sancti Spíritus.

Despite the speculation that abounds on social media, Minint forces have not yet revealed the specific cause of the explosion and remain at the scene in search of testimonies and evidence.

One thing is clear to them and they have emphasized it as a warning in all the stands: “It could have been much worse.”