What happens with Lanchita de Regla?

¿Qué pasa con la Lanchita de Regla? El ministro de transporte responde

HAVANA, February 8. The Minister of Transportation of Cuba, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, reported on the current situation of the vessels that provide service in the Bay of Havana, known as “Lanchitas de Regla”.Through his Facebook profile, the Cuban leader commented that he requested information from the Provincial Transportation Company of Havana about the situation of the well-known “Lanchitas de Regla”, “taking into account the importance of the transportation of passengers through the Bay of Havana.”

Rodríguez explained that the service connects three points in the bay: the Emboque de Regla, the Muelle de Luz and Casablanca, and confirmed that in recent years these connections have been affected.

“Of the six existing passenger vessels, only one operates daily, making 30 daily trips, the remaining five are out of service due to technical problems. In addition, an aid boat is used to support navigation safety. The docks have also suffered damage,” added the Cuban minister.

Then, he explained the actions being carried out to restore the service, which includes the hiring of three new engines and an additional repair set, along with other resources, which will arrive on the island at the end of March to accelerate the repair of the vessels.

This will allow, Rodríguez stated, “to have a second vessel in operation at the end of April, another in the second half of the year and another two at the beginning of next year, after coordination with the shipyards, since all of them have been stranded.”

Regarding the sixth vessel, it was learned that it has serious technical and completion problems, so its repair and commissioning will continue until late next year 2025.

For its part, the aid boat will be put into service soon, with which night tours will be established.

The Minister of Transportation also reported on the progress in the partial repair of the Luz Pier, the construction of a walkway to facilitate the operation at the Rule Emboque, and other investments.

Given these circumstances, two buses are maintained that follow the same route as the small boats by land. In addition, the manager added that “alternatives are being sought through international collaboration, for the acquisition of additional vessels.”

This scenario is also shown in other bays in the country that present “the same difficulties, given the period of exploitation of the vessels without adequate maintenance,” concluded Rodríguez Dávila.

Last November, Cuban authorities reported that the “Lanchita de Regla” began its passenger transportation services on the maritime section between the municipality of Regla and the Luz Pier, in Old Havana, after almost two months paralyzed by reconstruction. of the access gangway to the boat.

The service had been interrupted on September 22, after recurring complaints from travelers who access this means of transportation.

The problem with the access gateway had been reported for a long time. Due to its poor condition, five years ago several users of