Western Union withdraws from Cuba and prevents money transfers

White House May Ease Ban on Remittances as Part of Cuba Review

HAVANA, Feb. 27th In Cuba, it is now impossible to send money via Western Union, except the United States. Withdrawal from the world’s first money transfer company that surprises more than one Cuban, while the island is going through a very complicated economic situation, with ever tougher US sanctions.

For Cuba, behind this decision is Donald Trump’s stranglehold on the Cuban economy. 6.6 billion dollars, that’s what the remesas in Cuba represent, the money transfers from the diaspora to the island. 90% of this money is sent from the United States, and the other 10% is now blocked.

Western Union has effectively suspended since February 26 its services to Cuba from a country other than the North American neighbour.

The heavy financial consequences for Cubans

Young Yasel will therefore no longer receive this precious help that his cousins ​​in exile in Spain and Italy have so far sent him.

“Of course, it was essential! It is necessary and it helps a good number of people here because, with the wages that we receive, we cannot live. Even if you didn’t send me a lot it was already a big help, because I didn’t have to fight to get that money and be able to live. ”

Impossible to make him say how much he received and many Cubans do not admit to the microphone receiving money from the outside. However, 60% would be affected.

In a Western Union agency in a residential area of ​​Havana, you can now only receive feedback from the United States. The operator is adamant that it is Trump and the people who will pay for this decision. Officially, the company is justified by the “challenges of operating its services”.

Last October, the Donald Trump administration already limited the sending of money orders to $ 1,000 per quarter per person. Western Union had opened these transfers to Cuba from around the world during the historic thaw between Havana and Washington.