Western Union runs out of date for the restoration of remittances

Western Union runs out of date for the restoration of remittances

HAVANA, March 29. The Western Union Company has once again been left without a date for reestablishing the sending of remittances to Cuba.Less than two days before the scheduled date, a company official explained to Martí Noticias that they had not yet received the corresponding updates from Havana.

“The date has been extended since Cuba has not collaborated,” the employee said.

“Western Union hoped that everything would be resolved by the month of April but unfortunately there is no new information in the system regarding the problem we were experiencing. For now, shipments remain suspended,” he added.

The service has been interrupted since January 26 due to problems with the island’s banking entities, but the company planned to restart sending money to Cuba on April 1.

The authorities have not offered precise information about what happened with Western Union but since last week FINCIMEX, the financial company of the military business conglomerate, GAESA, announced the reactivation of the AIS (American International Service) dollar cards, which can receive deposits from abroad.

“From this moment on, the service of sending money to AIS USD cards is restored… This type of card maintains its usual benefits, to which is now added the possibility of being used to purchase fuel in USD,” it indicates. the note and clarifies that recharges can be made through the Tocopay website, a firm based in Bilbao, Spain, registered in 2013.

This Wednesday, FINCIMEX said that deposits from any country with the newly issued Clásica cards, launched at the end of last January, were also restored.

For economist Miguel Alejandro Hayes, this could indicate “a preference for receiving money through their own circuits.”

“Sending remittances to Cuba through Western Union implies that a part of the business profit ends up in the hands of the company. On the other hand, sending remittances through the AIS and Classic cards implies fewer losses for the companies. foreign currency captured by the government,” he said.

One of the objectives of the package announced by the regime to “correct the distortions of the Cuban economy” “is the “recovery of the flow of remittances.”

In fact, the newly appointed first vice minister of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Mildrey Granadillo de la Torre, announced that this month they would begin to implement the measures for this.