A wedding blog uses the ruins of Havana for a photographic campaign

HAVANA, Nov 7th Farewell Fiance, a blog dedicated to wedding planning and styling, has chosen the Cuban capital as the setting for one of its latest photographic campaigns.

As if it were an abandoned city, the company portrays the Filipino model Kyla Shay in several spaces of Havana, where destruction and desolation prevail as a background tapestry.

“In the middle of the abandoned ruins of Havana, she reinvents the old world glamor of a forgotten city that never sleeps.

I embraced a new wave of romance and the rebirth of effortless elegance. Farewell Fiancé traveled to Cuba for an unforgettable week of soul searching “, are the words with which the company presents its photo session.

The campaign, carried out by the photographer Sam Bisso, aims to capture and transmit through its snapshots the “vintage” air of the capital.