Ministro del Turismo Manuel Marrero Cruz | Foto © Excelencias Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 10. Cuba seeks to boost its tourism industry and bet big on foreign investment. For this reason, high officials of the Island traveled to Mexico in recent days to sell the Caribbean destination as a reliable business area and open to foreign capital.

“Cuba is a destination that changes every time to improve; comfortable hotels, music, food, tobacco, sun and the best beaches, in one of the safest destinations in the world, “said Cuban Minister Manuel Marrero in a meeting with businessmen, tour operators and airline representatives in the Aztec country.

The tourism from Mexico, the first issuer of hikers to Cuba in Latin America and the ninth on an international scale, has grown 22% this year, with the arrival of 130,000 visitors from that American nation, said the owner.

“We do not have drug cartels, nor kidnappings, nor organized crime,” he emphasized and recalled that his country received an international award of excellence as “one of the safest countries for tourism.”

Marrero Cruz also recalled that the country has a development program to 2030, which covers 332 accommodation projects, with more than 100 thousand new rooms, 51 leisure projects, 30 real estate projects associated with golf courses, 50 tourism projects nature, 55 camping, 22 marine and recreational boating.

He also announced that upcoming tenders will be held to improve and expand the conditions of Cuban airports and added that Mexico is announcing by 2019 greater air availabilities for its country.

Earlier this week, the owner had stated that the island wants to encourage investments by Mexican entrepreneurs in areas such as the opening of hotels, the modernization of airport infrastructure and the construction of theme parks.

“We want to find entrepreneurs willing to invest in Cuba, for example, in the theme of theme parks, where in Mexico there is a great experience and we still have to develop that modality,” he said.