VIAZUL only accepts payments with international credit cards

VIAZUL solo acepta pagos con tarjetas de crédito internacionales

HAVANA, Nov 22. The VIAZUL transport company only accepts payments in foreign currencies from international credit cards. This is all you need to know.Since October VIAZUL has resumed interprovincial travel on the Island. But now they only accept payments from VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards.

“All our services are marketed through international electronic cards VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Cash is not used ”, the company specifies in the Frequently Asked Questions section of its clients on its website.

This eliminates the possibility that Cubans who wish to travel in VIAZUL can pay for tickets with their Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) cards.

Regarding this, the company refers on its website that “Ll Empresa de Ómnibus Nacionales, owner of the VIAZUL brand and service, does not have an MLC account that allows it to operate that currency in the country’s banks, and although it has requested it repeatedly, it has not been tested ”.

VIAZUL’s payment rates are established in USD. In case the cash on the card is of a different currency, the conversion is carried out automatically, according to the exchange rate.

Tickets can be purchased on the VIAZUL web platform or at the company’s branches on the Island.

If you make the reservation online, the company recommends that you should keep the receipt sent when making the reservation. This can be used both in print and digitally, if necessary. The voucher is what guarantees the reservation, as well as the assigned number.