Cuba: ya están a la venta los boletos de VIAZUL (precios en USD)

HAVANA, Oct. 21 The Vía Azul buses, which the Cuban government charges in foreign currency and that supposedly must offer a quality service to travelers, have fallen into the habitual routine of services on the island: laziness, inefficiency and abuse.
A chronicle published in the weekly Trabajadores, denounces the irregularities suffered by the passengers on October 11 on a trip from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, whose ticket costs 51 CUC.

The journalist relates that the waiting room of the terminal, located opposite the Zoo of 26, does not have air conditioning.

“Nothing of punctuality in the exit of omnibus. This left for Santiago at 10 and 50 p.m., although the bulletin indicated the departure for 10 o’clock at night, “said the affected.

As if it were not enough, a leak was bothering him most of the way. Before his complaint, the driver only answered was the first time that happened to them.

The return to the capital was no less torturing. The Santiago de Cuba terminal also did not have air conditioning, since its equipment has been broken for months.

Already inside the bus, travelers learned that the TV to watch movies or music videos is also broken. But the problems did not end there: the perennial rain made one of the windshield wipers-fortunately not the driver’s-stop working; while, new leaks made theirs.

At the entrance to the city of Holguin, they stopped at a private restaurant. And the journalist questioned why they did not go to the bus terminal. “Is it true that the drivers have their commission every time they reach a palate with the bus loaded with passengers?” He deduced.

Vía Azul buses are the main offer for foreign tourists to travel.

It is not surprising that the terrible quality of this service is one of the causes that have caused a decrease in foreign visitors to Cuba in the first half of this year, according to a study conducted by the specialized consultancy The Havana Consulting Group.

According to this entity, the inadequate infrastructure, the low quality of the services and the “problems of land and air transport”, in comparison with other countries in the area such as Mexico, the Bahamas or Jamaica, are factors that have attempted against the image of the Island. as a tourist destination.

For Cubans on foot, interprovincial transport is a real headache, whether in currency or in national currency. The agony begins from the moment of the purchase of the ticket, as there is not always availability, especially if it is an emergency trip. That forces many to have to go to the private porters, or ‘ask for a bottle’ on the road.

In 2017, 100 new Yutong cars were added to the National Bus Company, with “great comfort, air conditioning and superior technology”, according to the entity’s executives. Of them, 60 were for long distances.

This is not enough in a country where there is a single plane for all its domestic flights, and an old and deteriorated rail service.