US Researcher Speaks in Havana about Citrus Greening Disease

US Researcher Speaks in Havana about Citrus Greening Disease

james h. graham de eeuu,VII seminario cientifico internacinal de sanidad vegetal

HAVANA, April 12 (PL) US researcher James Graham gave a masterly lecture on Huanglongbird (HLB), a disease of citrus fruits caused by a vector-borne pathogen, at the 8thInternational Scientific Seminar on Plant Health.

This disease affects the ripening process of both young and adult citrus plants, by causing death in a few years, the US specialist on mycology and soil science told delegates from more than 10 nations.

The epidemic, which is currently affecting the entire American continent, in addition to scaling down industrial productivity, also brings about a job-easing, the member of the American Phytopathological Society also warned.

In this regard, he strongly suggested to put muscle into plant protection, periodic searches carrying-out for the timely elimination of infected trees and also the insecticides spraying as part of the control.

He, however, warned that even though there has been no resistance during the application of these chemicals in Brazil and Florida, they should be used with great care.
Seminar will be held until next Friday at the Havana International Conference Center in order to share scientific results and innovative insights.

Such an event, organized by the Research Institute of Plant Health (INISAV) and the Plant Health Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, gives delegates the opportunity to tackle down essential issues such as Phytosanitary Diagnosis and Surveillance, Chemical and Natural Pesticides, Food Safety and Security, Climate Change, Environment, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity, Agroecology, Phyto-improvement, Quality Systems, among others.

The scientific sessions in this event, include masterly lectures, workshops, panels and poster presentations.