US Investors, the livelihood of several private Cuban…

Cuba announces intervention of the informal currency market in February

HAVANA, June 26  A little less than a year ago, Cuba approved nine businesses with foreign capital for an amount of about 20 million dollars.At that time, there were 57 projects under negotiation that had conditions to materialize through investment capital.

Thus, the numbers were increasing and Cuban investors based in the United States became the livelihood of several MSMEs and private businesses within Cuba.

Telemundo 51 from Miami has raised the issue again, stating that behind all this market is the money from Cuban investors who live in the United States, money that develops small private companies on the Island and substantially improves the wages of their workers.

Authorized in 2021, there are already more than 8,000 private companies throughout the island, with various sectors and structures. Several of these companies have granted you permits to import the raw materials they need from abroad, that includes, of course, the US.

According to local sources, Cubans residing in Florida are doing business with their relatives, with the partners who did business in Cuba. This support comes from nearby places like Panama or Canada.