US goverment humanitarian exports to Cuba reaches $7.6 billion in 2022

US goverment humanitarian exports to Cuba in 2022 reaches $7.6 billion

HAVANA, Feb. 26th The government of United States authorizes $7.6 billion in humanitarian exports to Cuba in 2022 despite complaints from Cuba about the ban, according to information released by the Washington embassy in Havana.

In 2021, the United States allowed more than $4.2 billion in humanitarian exports to Cuba.

“These exports are aimed at Helping the Cuban People Directly said the US Embassy.

With the exception of shipments from Washington after the fire at the Matanzas supertanker base, Havana does not say what is in the donations or their destination, Nor does the official media disclose the existence of these shipments, while Washington is accused of all difficulties by the Cubans.

While the island is facing a health crisis, which the regime blames on the US embargo, and which includes shortages of basic medicines and medical supplies, Exports of health products to Cuba reached $1,540,605 in October last year alone according to data from the Cuba-USA Economic and Trade Council.

In one more tweet Embassy of the United States of America in Havana recalled In 2021, United States companies exported $295 million worth of agricultural products to Cuba, including food To help the Cuban people.

During the nine months of last year, the United States exported 227 million units of food products to Cuba. Of which, $210 million was in chicken.

According to statistics from the US Department of Agriculture, the island ranks 55th among destination markets for food and agricultural products in that country.

All of these exports are authorized despite the ban under the Trade Restriction Reform and Export Promotion Act (TSREEA) of 2000 passed by the George W. Bush administration, which has since flown unhindered to Havana.

Neither the authorities nor the official press mention this commercial exchange, not even when they refer to the “greed of the northern neighbor”, which the regime’s propaganda claims are trying to make the Cuban people suffer. doing.