US flag – the latest fashion trend in Cuba

14HAVANA-REFER-master675HAVANA, 16 April The US and Cuba’s strained relationship seems to be on the mend. President Barack Obama just had an historic meeting with Cuban President Raúl Castro.

And President Obama recommended the island nation be removed from the US list of states that sponsor terror.

Lately, some in Cuba have noticed that the US flag is showing up on the streets of Havana — not flying from a flag pole, but on pants, scarves, shorts and dresses.

New York Times journalist Randal Achibald, who wrote about seeing the US flag recently around Cuba, says in recent years, other foreign flags, like the United Kingdom’s Union Jack became fashionable in Cuba.
But, he writes, American flag clothing has lately “been proliferating.”Fashion is a great expression of a person’s personality and perhaps their outlook.
So, if you’re inclined to read between the lines, these photos seem to suggest Cubans are hopeful diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba will continue to improve.
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