University of Arkansas strengthens ties with Hemingway Museum of Cuba

HAVANA, May 29  The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum of the American University of Arkansas and the National Cultural Heritage Council (CNPC) recently signed a memorandum of understanding in Havana to strengthen ties with the Ernest Hemingway Museum of Cuba.

As reported today by the Cuban Ministry of Culture, this step will allow for intensifying contributions in academic matters between the foreign institution and the aforementioned museum dedicated to preserving Hemingway’s legacy on the island.

The executive director of Hemingway-Pfeiffer, Adam Long, who signed for the US side, thanked the authorities of the Ministry of Culture, the CNPC, the Ernest Hemingway Museum and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the reception.

He referred to his visit to Cuba in 2013 to participate in the Ernest Hemingway Colloquium and added that he was impressed by the work carried out by the Museum.

University of Arkansas strengthens ties with Hemingway Museum of Cuba

He highlighted that this visit to sign the document which is supported by the dean of the University of Arkansas, is the beginning of future collaborations between the two institutions.

Also, the president of the CNPC, Virgen Pérez, a signatory on the Cuban side, expressed that the memorandum respects the strengths of those involved in its content, guided by the joint desire to promote the work they carry out.

Among these tasks are research, training, and cooperation in academic disciplines of mutual interest and benefit.

The exchange between teachers and students is another means of socialization that can be carried out and become a platform to promote the Ernest Hemingway International Colloquium (organized in Havana) through the results of its research.

The president of the CNPC added that the most important thing is the opening of a new opportunity for collaboration between Cuba and the United States, whose maximum objective is to preserve the work and historical legacy of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize winner in Literature.