UNESCO is willing to help Cuba to recover after fire

UNESCO is willing to help Cuba to recover after fire

HAVANA, Aug. 10th  In a message from the Secretariat regarding the serious accident that occurred on Friday at the Supertanker Base in western Matanzas province,

the multilateral organization said that through its office in Havana and its headquarters in Paris, it is available to participate in the recovery, within the framework of its mandates.

The organization expressed solidarity with Cuba in the text, which was addressed to the Permanent Delegation in Havana, as well as concern about the human and material damage caused since Friday by the flames.

The huge fire was triggered by the impact of lightning in one of the fuel tanks in the industrial zone of Matanzas, where one person is reported dead, more than 120 people have been treated for various injuries, 14 are missing and thousands have been evacuated.

The UNESCO office in Havana also conveyed to Cuban authorities its solidarity and sorrow for what happened.

Cuban Ambassador at UNESCO Yahima Esquivel expressed gratitude for the messages of support.

Esquivel pointed out that numerous expressions of encouragement and solidarity have been sent to this capital by missions from different continents.