Underwater tributes will mark X Simposub 2018 in Santiago de Cuba

Underwater tributes will mark X Simposub in Santiago de CubaHAVANA, june 30th Simposub, an international event about the submerged natural and cultural heritage, will include the underwater homage to sailors who died in the naval battle on July 3, 1898, organizers reported today.
Doctor Vicente Díaz, director of Cubasub, Regional Center for Management and Management of the Underwater Natural and Cultural Heritage, explained that between July 2 and 5, the theoretical sessions and collateral activities will be developed, including this tribute in the Targets placed on the seabed, as per Prensa Latina.
He added that offerings will be deposited in those places that are part of the exceptional scenario, in which 120 years ago those actions of the Spanish-Cuban-American war took place. The conservation of these ecosystems will be the main theme of the meeting, considered the most important of its kind in Latin America and in which Cuban, Spanish and American experts will converge, among others who will arrive from different latitudes, said Díaz.
He also referred to a panel of historians who will return to the traces of those events, with dissertations by Cubans Eduardo Torres Cuevas, director of the National Library; René González, director of the Institute of History of Cuba, and Olga Portuondo, historian of this city.
He highlighted the participation of Spanish ship captain Juan Escriba, one of the most knowledgeable about the conflict, and the archaeologist of that nation Javier Navarro Chueca, also involved in those studies and in particular in relation to the burials of the sailors killed in that fight.
The specialist described as very interesting the works presented by Cuban scholars and among them, the biologists, archaeologists and other professionals linked to the underwater activity, as well as referring to the educational work and environmental promotion with children.
Díaz exalted among the motivations the 250th anniversary of the launch of the Santisima Trinidad line, the Escorial de los Mares, which was once the largest ship in the world and of which an exhibition with replicas of the plans will be shown.