UN Agency Attends Trade Forum in Havana

The United Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentHAVANA, May 17 (PL) The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) presented its considerations yesterday in Cuba on consumers” protection during a forum attended by almost 600 domestic and foreign experts.

Consumers’ rights, good business practices and challenges associated with the digital economy are among the issues the UN agency will be discussing, said the organizing committee of the event, opened yesterday at the Conference Center in Havana.

Teresa Moreira, head of competition and consumer protection policies, of the Division on International Trade in Goods, Services and Commodities, will speak by UNCTAD.

Convened by the Ministry of Internal Trade (MINCIN), the First Convention on Trade in Cuba aims to examine challenges and prospects for sustainable development, hence the importance given to the debate, the agency’s executives stated.

The event should foster dialogue among officials, business leaders and academicians around the transformation of trade and services to respond to the updating of the economic-social model in the country, the organizing committee said.