Ukraine exposes Cuban prisoner of war at conference

Ukraine exposes Cuban prisoner of war at conference

HAVANA, March 17.  The Ukrainian government exposed a Cuban prisoner of war at a press conference and denounced the participation of a large number of mercenaries from the island fighting with Russian troops.
“We see photographs, videos from the Russian side where many mercenaries from Cuba are seen,” said the press chief of the Ukrainian Committee for the Treatment of Prisoners of War, Petro Yatsenko, in a press conference held in Kyiv, quoted by EFE.

The official reproached Havana for its tolerance towards the recruitment of people from the island by Russia, despite reports that many travelers were deceived and died on the front.

“We cannot affirm that it is a (Cuban) state program, but we know that no one (in Cuba) opposes it,” he declared.


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He explains that “Russian agitators” work without restrictions in Cuba.

Eight prisoners of war from Nepal, Somalia, Sierra Leone and Cuba, captured by Ukrainian troops while fighting with Russian forces, participated in the press conference.

The Cuban, a 35-year-old teacher and musician from Guantánamo named Darío Jarrosay, said he arrived in Russia with a promise of work in construction. He saw the proposal on Facebook and applied, but upon arriving in Moscow he was dragged to fight with the Russian Army on the front.

The other prisoners of war reported having been victims of deception to be recruited by the Russian Army.

“I joined the Russian Army because on Facebook, in Cuba, I received a banner (announcement) saying that people were needed for construction in Cuba,” he said.

He explained that he traveled to the Russian Federation from Cuba after filling out a form to work in construction, but no one told him that he really “was going to enter the war.”

“I never thought I would go to war. When I arrived in Russia I saw myself in war,” he lamented. Other Cubans have confirmed to their families that they were deceived and are sent to the front when they arrive in Russia.

This Cuban geography teacher and musician now hopes for a solution to his case as a prisoner of war in Ukraine.

Petro Yatsenko, from the Ukrainian authority that deals with prisoners of war, said at the same press conference that Ukraine is open to negotiating the return of these fighters with their countries of origin.