U.S. women 1-2-3 at Habana Sprint American Cup

HAVANA, Feb. 27th Donner led the women out of the 750 meter swim with a 9:53 split which gave her a 1 second margin on Anabel Knoll of Germany, 8 seconds on LeslieAlvarez of Cuba, 9 seconds on fellow U.S. teammates Erin Storie and Megan Foley, 11 seconds on Sena Takahashi of Japan, 12 seconds on Sarah Alexander of the U.S., and 18 on ahead of Hiraku Fukuoka of Japan.

Fukuoka broke out front with a women’s-best 33:47 bike split which gave her an 8 seconds lead on Donner, 9 seconds on Storie and Alexander, 11 seconds on Foley, and 32 seconds on Leslie Alvarez of Cuba.

Donner sealed the victory with a 17:38 run that brought her to the finish in 1:02:39 with a 29 seconds margin of victory over Storie (18:05 run) and 27 seconds on Alexander (18:22 run).

If she had a decent second transition, Hiraku Fukuoka of Japan would have won going away as she finished with a 17:14 run. However, Fukuoka spent 2:16 in T2 and thus finished one place out of the podium in a time of 1:04:06.

Ryosuke Maeda of Japan led the swim in 8:39 which gave him a 2 seconds margin on Shiruba Taniguchi of Japan, 6 seconds on Shogo Ishitsuka of Japan, 7 seconds on Makoto Odakura of Japan, 9 seconds on Brennan Smith of Canada, 10 seconds on Victor de la Hoz of Cuba, 11 seconds on Carlos Quinchara Forero of Colombia, and 19 seconds on the 12th fastest swim of podium contender Alexandre Nobre of Portugal.

After a 10th-best 30:34 bike split Taniguchi led the field into T2 with a 1 second margin on Nobre and Ryosuke Maeda of Japan, and 3 seconds on Forero (30:24 bike split) and Karim Balli al Soufi of Spain.

Forero gave away 8 seconds to Nobre in T2 but ran away with a 5k split of 15:09 which brought him to the finish in 55:29 with a 3 seconds margin on Nobre (15:23 run) and 28 seconds on Taniguchi (15:46 run). While Forero’s run split was recorded as better than places 2 through 13, run times for places 15 through 22 were recorded as improbably faster than the winner.
Habana Sprint Triathlon American Cup
Havana, Cuba
February 26, 2017
S 750m / B 20k / R 5k



1. Kaitlin Donner (USA) 1:02:39
2. Erin Storie (USA) 1:03:08
3. Sarah Alexander (USA) 1:03:26
4. Hiraku Fukuoka (JPN) 1:04:06
5. Megan Foley (USA) 1:04:20
8. Alissa Doehla (USA) 1:05:45
9. Brittany Warly (USA) 1:06:32


1. Carlos Quinchara Forero (COL) 55:29
2. Alexandre Nobre (POR) 55:32
3. Shiruba Taniguchi (JPN) 55:57
4. Kaué Willy (BRA) 56:17
5. Martin Sobey (CAN) 56:19
6. Jarrod Shoemaker (USA) 56:20
14. Nick Vandermolen (USA) 57:03
24. Tyler Evans (USA) 1:00:02
25. Elliot Bach (USA) 1:00:11