U.S. Will Not Lift Sanctions On Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 6 At a ceremony held this Friday in the East Room of the White House before more than two hundred business, community and religious leaders from the Hispanic community in the US, President Donald Trump recalled that his government has taken steps to defend the “Good people” of Cuba and Venezuela.

Trump, who has repeatedly expressed his opposition to ending the embargo if “fundamental reforms” do not take place in Cuba, ratified that position today by declaring “We will not lift sanctions against the Cuban regime” until there is no “freedom” in Cuba. the island.

“Communism is the past, freedom is the future, the United States will not lift sanctions against the island’s regime,” said the Hispanic Heritage Month in the country, which he organized this Friday at the White House. has been celebrating from 15 September to 15 October.

In essence, Trump has assured that it will maintain the sanctions to Cuba until the Cuban government does not guarantee political and economic freedoms. He has also had words of affection for the people of Cuba and Venezuela. When Trump proclaimed the celebration of the month, he already set aside the situation of both countries, far from the issues that touched Barack Obama, which emphasized the immigration regularization of immigrants.

The president also stressed that his administration works every day to guarantee peace, freedom and prosperity not only for US citizens but also for the entire Western Hemisphere.

Concerning Venezuela, Trump reaffirmed his rejection of what he described as “oppression” of President Nicolás Maduro’s “socialist” regime.

The president also had words of support for Puerto Rico, a country that mentioned the “long recovery” that lies ahead of the devastating hurricane Maria.

Donald Trump dedicated a moment of remembrance for the victims of the recent earthquake in Mexico, and noted that Enrique Peña Nieto is a “wonderful president.”

The celebration in the White House was attended by the artist of Puerto Rican origin Julissa Arce Rivera, who dedicated to her country the song “Tierra bendita”.

Next to the president was his wife, Melania Trump, and two of the most senior Hispanics of his team: Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, and Treasurer of the Government, Jovita Carranza.

During the ceremony Trump also reminded the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, which will be in everyone’s memory, he said. She also asked where the Latinas were and had a broad response. To them he dedicated words of praise for his leadership role.

With the public joking further, asking who wants to pay more taxes, alluding to its tax reform that benefits the middle class and companies. “They will pay much less to maintain their businesses and their jobs,” he said.