U.S. to Impose Sanctions on Cuban Officials

U.S. to Impose Sanctions on Cuban Officials

HAVANA, July 21st The U.S. State Department said on Wednesday that it will impose sanctions on Cuban officials responsible for violence against Cuban protesters calling for an end to the regime in the country.

A State Department spokesperson told Newsweek that the situation in Cuba remains a top priority for President Joe Biden’s administration and noted that the ongoing protests are a result of how the Cuban communist government has failed to help its people.

The spokesperson also said that under Biden’s direction, the U.S. will continue to look for ways to help the Cuban people and to hold the government accountable.

The possible sanctions were announced in a series of tweets posted by Julie Chung, the acting assistant secretary for the State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs.

“At President Biden’s direction, the United States is actively pursuing measures that will both support the Cuban people and hold the Cuban regime accountable,” Chung wrote in a tweet.

In a subsequent tweet, Chung wrote, “We are going to focus on applying hard-hitting sanctions on regime officials responsible for the brutal crackdown. Cuban officials responsible for violence, repression, & human rights violations against peaceful protestors in Cuba must be held accountable.”

In another tweet, Chung said, “The United States will intensify diplomatic engagement with regional and international partners to support the aspirations of the Cuban people….We must collectively condemn the violence and repression upon the Cuban people for demanding freedom.” (www.newsweek.com)