U.S. Lawmakers Ask Trump to Allow Sales to Cuba for Recovery

U.S. Lawmakers Ask Trump to Allow Sales to Cuba for RecoveryHAVANA, Sep 29 (PL) A bipartisan group of 65 members of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress urged President Donald Trump to allow American companies to sell products to Cuba needed for recovery after hurricane Irma devastated the island.

The lawmakers, led by Democrat representatives John Conyers (Michigan) and Barbara Lee (California) and Republican Rick Crawford (Arkansas) and Tom Emmer (Minnesota), sent a letter to the President requesting to eliminate restrictions imposed on U.S. enterprises.

They asked Trump to implement the changes even if it only temporarily during reconstruction period.

‘There is a simple change you can make that would provide necessary support to the Cuban people while at the same time helping U.S. businesses: remove restrictions on the ability of U.S. companies to export needed relief and reconstruction supplies to the Cuban government and its people,’ the letter reads.

‘It is well known that U.S. companies, both large and small, have shown a keen interest in selling products to Cuba, as exemplified by the formation of the Chamber of Commerce-led U.S.- Cuba Business Council,’ the lawmakers underline in their letter.

Making this regulatory change -they add- would not only help the Cuban people rebuild, but would provide a boon to companies in America who provide good jobs to our people.

The Congress people recall that Cuba was particularly devastated by hurricane Irma that hit the island with the destroying force of a Category 5 storm caused huge destruction in 8 of its 14 provinces.

‘There are steps the United States can, and should take, to allow U.S. businesses to help our island neighbor, without costing taxpayers a dime. Right now is not a time for politics; it’s a time to help the Cuban people rebuild,’ the Representatives stress.

In the second term of his Presidency Barack Obama introduced norms allowing licenses to American businesses but only for the sale of tools and construction materials to private endeavors in Cuba, excluding public institutions such as schools and hospitals.