U.S. continues to organize flights out of Cuba for Americans

U.S. continues to organize flights out of Cuba for Americans

HAVANA, May 5th Expect additional flights for American citizens and permanent residents who remain in Cuba after the island government extended airport closures until at least May 21.The U.S. Embassy in Havana put out a release where they add “top priority on any upcoming flights will be given to U.S. citizens deemed at higher risk of severe illness.”

Minors and their parents will also be given priority. Lawful permanent residents will receive seats on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The American embassy in Havana did not report how many Americans and permanent residents remain in Havana.

On April 24, two Delta-chartered flights brought 313 passengers to Miami International Airport.

Angela Kim’s father, Alberto Kim, was one of 176 passengers to arrive on the first flight, Delta Flight 8873.

“I’m a proud American because the U.S. Embassy heard my cry to get my father out of the country,” Angela Kim said while still emotional after tightly holding her father once he exited customs at Miami International Airport.

“Pretty chaotic,” is how Alberto Kim described the situation in Cuba.

As of May 4, the Cuban Ministry of Health announced 19 new Covid-19 cases, which brings the total to 1668 on the island. Of those, 69 patients have died.

“The [State] department has repatriated more than 65000 US citizens from over 55 countries,” said Mara Tekach, the head of the U.S. Embassy Charge in Havana, on April 24.

On the same day, a second flight arrived with 137 passengers on board.

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