Two Cubans with prizes in the Mexican Chess Open

Jerzy en trono de lid centrocaribeña de ajedrez

HAVANA, Apr. 1 Two Cubans LOS VILLACLAREÑOS  Ermes Espinosa and Diasmany Otero were awarded positions two and three, in that order, in the National and International Mexican Open Chess Championship of Queretaro 2024, whose crown ended up in the hands of local José Eduardo Martínez.

Both Cubans finished with a cumulative seven points, but with a better tiebreaker for Ermes, and half behind the champion, of Peruvian origin and a player from Mexico since the beginning of the year.

Martínez maintained the slight advantage with which he reached the final round to face Otero, in a crucial duel for his aspirations and sealed without a winner.

Ermes was second. Photo: Calixto N. Llanes

Ermes saved a victory over the Cuban representing Mexico, Juan Carlos Obregón, for his farewell, hence the climb to the second position. He also added 12.8 Elo units to his total to take him up to 2,497 on the live list.

Another from Villa Clara, Elier Miranda, also closed his time in the fair at a winning pace. His victim was the Colombian Felipe Sánchez. With that outcome, he scored seven points to place himself fifth in the tiebreaker order.

The capital’s Dylan Berdayes completed 6.5, finishing seventh. Half a unit less was achieved by his countryman Omar Almeida to anchor on step 12 among the more than 120 contestants.

In the group of experts, Roxángel Obregón, from Villa Clara, had the best performance among women, adding the six points that earned her 12th place. Oleiny Linares from Santiago reached 5.5 points and had to settle for the 15th place. Source