Turn on the Power…

Turn on the Power...

HAVANA, June 20th   This week we have drawn on the annoying blackouts taking place in Cuba and some occurrences related to this situation.The coincidences of breakages, lack of maintenance and fuel shortages are among the main causes pointed out by the government as the triggers of the situation. Going by logic, it is likely that the maintenance schedule for the power generating plants is not the most appropriate, often coinciding with the beginning of summer, a time when the high temperatures cause the most discomfort in the population.

According to reports on social networks from users from almost the entire country, the outages can last more than eight hours and, sometimes, the circuits have several daily failures. Rural and remote areas almost always suffer the most extensive power cuts, while Havana remains privileged.

In the case of a country with a historical dependence on hydrocarbons, the meager 5% of generation by renewable energies is evident, in contrast to the world’s tendency to bet on clean energies.

It was less than a year ago that the restriction on individuals importing solar panels was lifted.

For years the entire population has depended on an inefficient National Electric Power System.

On the other hand, the exploitation of wind farms and hydroelectric plants is reduced to limited results, without the necessary financing to take advantage of their potential.

Faced with this situation of scarcity and inconvenience, the government asks the population for greater austerity and savings, but in some parts of the national geography, the complaints are beginning to be heard to the rhythm of the conga.