Trump’s Threats to Cuba May ‘Provoke Closer Relations’ Between EU, Havana

1048466870HAVANA,Dec. 12 (Sputnik)  Threats of US president-elect Donald Trump to disrupt relations with Cuba may positively influence relations between Havana and the EuropeanUnion, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Alfonso Dastis said

Earlier on Monday, Heads of EU Foreign Ministries signed the first in EU history agreement with Cuba on political dialogue and cooperation. Trump who takes office on January 20 previously said he would break relations with Cuba if the country’s authorities did not take measures to improve life conditions of citizens as well as bilateral relations.

“Relations between the European Union and Cuba have always been important despite what is happening in the United States. If what Mr. Trump said becomes reality it only provokes closer relations between the European Union and Cuba,” Dastis told journalists. According to Dastis, the agreement is significant for both parties and touches political, economic and social aspects.

“This is an important day for the European Union and Cuba. We are glad this step was made and hope that member states ratify it as soon as possible. Requirements in the field of human rights stay the same. This agreement is prolific in political, economic, social sense,” Dastis added.

Dastis referred to Spain as an EU leader in relations with Cuba, which promotes strengthening EU positions in the country. Negotiations upon the EU-Cuba agreement lasted more than two years.
In December 2014, outgoing US President Barack Obama announced that the United States would normalize relations with Cuba after more than 50 years of non-engagement and hostilities.