Trinidad Has It All, Says Cuban Tourism Minister


HAVANA, Jan. 14th (PL) The Cuban minister of tourism highlighted on Sunday the  historical ancient village of Trinidad as a ”destination that has it all”, during the commemoration of its 505th anniversary

Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero highlighted on Sunday the south central historical city of Trinidad as a ”destination that has it all”, while commemorating the 505th anniversary of the third village built by the Spaniards in the island in 1514.

In his Tweeter account, Marrero wrote Trinidad combines culture, heritage, history, nature, rivers, waterfalls, night life and the best beach in Cuba’s southern coastline.

On Saturday, the Week of Trinitarian Culture was opened with a cultural gala that included traditional music, folklore and local rhythms.

The Tourism Minister together with local authorities oversaw the inauguration of several public works for social welfare, as well as new tourist centers.

Events for the 505th anniversary of Trinidad, viewed as a ‘living museum’, are geared to enhance the image of the city as well as the well-being of its citizens. The program also includes many artistic shows.