Transfermóvil reaches one million users

Cuban companies that do not use electronic payment channels will be sanctioned

HAVANA, Sep 6th  The Cuban payment platform Transfermóvil reached its first million users, according to what José Luis Perdomo, Minister of Communications of Cuba, announced through his Twitter account.Transfermóvil continues to advance as a platform for collections and payments for electronic commerce in #Cuba. In just six months, it doubled the number of users, reaching one million. # CubaInformatiza “says Perdomo shared text.

In his message, he quotes a tweet from Mayra Arevich Marin, chief executive of Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba ( ETECSA ), responsible for the application that facilitates service payments, online shopping, consultations and procedures banking and the management of telecommunications services.

This other message highlights that thanks to the existence of Transfermóvil, the computerization of Cuban society is accelerated.

In addition, it highlights that the company works on the constant improvement of the mobile application, while Arevich Marín ensures that it intends to incorporate more services and functionalities.

“We have reached the First Million users on Transfermóvil, a payment platform recognized by Cubans. With its presence, it accelerates the computerization of Cuban society. We work on its constant improvement and incorporation of more services. # VamosPorMás #Cuba”, she wrote.

Precisely, one of the priorities of the Transfermóvil team of developers is the systematic update of the Apk to add new benefits in the service of citizens, according to previous statements by Julio García Trápaga, director of Electronic Commerce at Etecsa.

Without having to be connected to a data network or the Internet, through Transfermóvil the customer can access more than twenty services today. (ACN)