Traffic accident in Granma: two dead and twenty injured

Traffic accident in Granma: two dead and twenty injured

HAVANA, Sept. 4. Two deaths and around 23 injured is, for now, the balance of a traffic accident reported this Monday morning about five kilometers from Bayamo, Granma.The event happened around 7:40 a.m. in a place known as La Juanita, in the municipality of Bayamo (Central highway between El Dátil and Willian Soler), according to official media reports.

A Gaz V-8 brand truck belonging to the Provincial Construction and Assembly Company (Coingex) is involved in the event.

One of the trucks, prepared for the transportation of workers, traveled from El Caney de Las Mercedes, Bartolomé Masó. It overturned presumably due to a technical malfunction.

Forces of the Ministry of the Interior are investigating the causes that led to the unfortunate event.

According to the Facebook page of the Provincial Directorate of Public Health in Granma, one of the deceased lost his life on the spot, while the other death occurred on the way to the hospital.

The deceased were identified as Orlandi Rivero Enamorado, 30, and Nervis Ávila Espinosa, 42, both from the Bartolomé Masó municipality.

Of the three injured in serious condition, two are in the operating room for orthopedics and general surgery, and the rest have minor injuries, according to Adonis Frómeta Guerra, general director of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Provincial Hospital, in Bayamo, quoted by the local radio station.

In addition, two of the injured are minors, said Frómeta Guerra, who assured that all the resources exist to resolve this emergency.