Today will start sample of Greek cinema in Havana

Today will start sample of Greek cinema in Havana

HAVANA, Sep. 19 (ACN) A sample of Greek cinema will be inaugurated tomorrow in the 23rd and 12th rooms, the headquarters of the Cinematheque of Cuba, in this city., With the screening of El Greco, by Yannis Smaragdis.

Estela Bezirtzoglou, ambassador of the Hellenic country in Cuba, said today in a press conference that the cycle, which includes seven feature films, a documentary and a fiction short, constitutes a contribution to the knowledge of Greek cinematography.

The diplomat said that the Greeks are passionate about Cuban films, which are exhibited periodically both in Athens, the capital, and in other cities.

Luciano Castillo, director of the Cinematheque of Cuba, highlighted the selection that can be enjoyed until the next day 23, and that includes The Eternity and a Day, a film by Theo Angelopoulos that he described as one of the masterpieces of celluloid.

Among the films that will also be screened include Stella, played by Melina Mercouri and directed by Mihalis Kakogiannis, Smac, by Elias Papakallatis, and A Girl in Black and The Trojans, the last shot also by Mihails Kalogiannis.

El Greco, by director Yannis Smaragdis, a biographical approach to the life of the painter who, at the end of the Renaissance, impacted by a very personal style, is the most expensive work in the history of Greek cinema.