Today starts in Havana the Latin American Film Festival

Today starts in Havana the Latin American Film FestivalHAVANA, Nov 8.- The 39th edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will be inaugurated today in this capital, with the premiere of the Brazilian film The movie of my life in the Karl Marx theater.

In the inaugural gala that will take place at eight o’clock at night in the emblematic theater of the capital, Iván Giroud, president of the event, will deliver the opening words and the cultural moment will be in charge of the Camerata Romeu.

During the ceremony, the Choir of Honor will be presented to Carlos Diegues, one of the key figures of Cinema Novo, and associate producer of the feature film that will open the event.

O Filme da Mina Vida, the original title of this film, is a production of 2017 directed by Selton Mello; and that in its 112 minutes it goes back to the Sierras Gaúchas of 1963, where the young Tony Terranova faces the absence of the father, who returned to France, leaving him alone with his mother.

The Festival Diary also reviews about the film that the young man becomes a French teacher in a school where he has to deal with adolescent students; “But passionate about the movies he sees in the big city, he makes love and cinema his great reasons to live; until the truth about the father comes to the surface and forces him to take charge of his life. “

The event has on this occasion a total of 404 films, of which 308 are from the region; they are in competition 94, within which Cuba is represented with two feature films: The Good Demons, by Gerardo Chijora; and Sergio & Serguéi, by Ernesto Daranas.

From the 8th to the 16th of December the streets of Havana will be populated with a festival in which no major changes are foreseen in its format, because “it is a moment of solidification and consolidation of the previous proposals, of the quality of the program; It is the time to set certain guidelines for the 40th anniversary, “Giroud recently told the press.

The first edition was inaugurated on December 3, 1979, for which the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry convened more than 600 Latin American filmmakers; and since then it serves as a platform for the productions of the region that sometimes suffer from anonymity in the world market; thus becoming one of the most important festivals of Latin American cinema. (ACN)