Tobacco company breacks new record

havana-live-tabacHavana, August 19 (acn) Workers from the Internacional Cubana de Tabacos SA  maintained a high productive efficiency in the first seven months of the year, which allowed them to break the historical rolled and packaged figures.

The special high-tech machines used to elaborate the famous Cuban “cigarillos”, made with high-quality raw materials from Pinar del Rio province, and produced 105.7 million units, 17 of which corresponded to the months of June and July, also record for a month.
From May to July, they averaged 16.3 million packaged units monthly, for a 34 percent growth over last year, Vladimir Rodríguez González, ICT president, told ACN.
Rodríguez González said that each activity is under a rigorous check of quality standards established by the entity, belonging to Tabacuba Business Group of the Agriculture Ministry. He added that the sales, exports, profits and contributions to the country maintain a favorable performance for the stage.
The cigarillos elaborated on that company are marketed in Spain, France, Germany, England , Switzerland, Greece, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and some regions of Africa and the Middle East.