Tips for Student Travel in Havana

Tips for Student Travel in Havana

Being a student traveler in Havana is quite an experience. This city has so much to offer and
is so different from the rest of the places you’ve ever been to.Cuba has been long erased from the travelers’ lists. Only a few could get into Cuba in the past decades.

However, such a situation is slowly changing. As Cuba becomes more open to the world, people choose to
travel there and explore this beautiful island for themselves.

Of course, Cuba, and Havana in particular, makes quite an interesting destination. Its years
in isolation have turned the country into quite a historic landmark. Therefore, it’s better to
read about Cuban history and culture before coming to the country. In general, it’s quite a
nice touch to arrive at new destinations well-educated.

However, it is rather necessary to do with Cuba, a country that has gone through

so much over the recent years. So, don’t be shy to read an essay usa review and find some professional help researching this country’s history.

While professional writers help you educate yourself, let’s see some common tips about traveling to Havana.

Stay at the Casa Particulars

When traveling across Cuba, you will come across many houses with the anchor sign in the
front, usually above the door. So what is it? Well, such a sign says that any traveler can find
some rest there, for a certain price, of course. It’s recommended to at least try the Casa
Particulars for a night. This way, you help the locals and immerse yourself in the culture

Usually, hosts will offer a separate room for the travelers, a common place to spend time
with them, and some food. It is similar to Airbnb but with a special twist. Thus, you will be
living in the same house as the local family.  So, if you plan to do some homework in your room,

quit it and order papers from instead.

You have a rare opportunity to spend time with locals. Plus, you don’t want to be rude to your hosts.

Feel free to knock on any door with the anchor sign and ask for accommodation. However,
you can also check certain addresses online at TripAdvisor or similar sites. In addition, most
local hosts also offer various skills, like cooking, crafts, and else. So, you can pay for a bed
and a delicious homemade dinner.

Experiment with the food

The food scene in Havana is nothing like you’ve tried at home. It’s just like Cuba itself –
vibrant, diverse, and full of pleasant surprises. So, if you are there for a day or a week, eat
as much as you can. You won’t regret it.

Cuban cuisine is a mix of African, Spanish, and Caribbean.  It is full of flavor, spice, and local produce.

So, you will find their beans, plantains, rice, peppers, and more.
The food is hearty, colorful, nutritious, and healthy. So don’t be afraid to eat too much. It’s
good for you! Plus, being surrounded by the sea, Cuba has plenty of seafood to try. Overall,
try as much as you can while in there.

Book a car ride

One of the first things that catch tourists’ attention right off the bat is, of course, the Cuban
cars. These are no ordinary cars. They are the legends that came to life. Most of these retro
cars are good over 50+ years. Yet, they still look like new.

The owners take good care of such vintage cars for several reasons.

First, they are not only for tourists. For a long time, these cars remained the only vehicles people could afford or find on the market. Being shut down from the rest of the world didn’t help Cubans with their car market.
So, they had to protect what they’ve already got.

Secondly, these cars are very popular among taxi drivers (and yes, they mainly target
tourists). Having one of the retro cars in good condition is equal to running a very profitable
business. Plus, these cars help create a special look for Havana. Bright, colorful, and
somewhat nostalgic.
Overall, don’t deprive yourself of an opportunity to drive in one of the Cuban retro cars, as
you will hardly find such an experience (and for that price) somewhere else.

Be careful about coffee!

Let’s end on a fun note. Most students think they love coffee or are very good with coffee.
Well, Cubans may think otherwise. There is no stronger coffee than in Havana. Of course,
such an opinion can be biased. Though, it doesn’t mean you can ignore this warning. Be
ready to receive a pure caffeine dosage whenever you enter a real Cuban coffee place. It
will be strong and fast.

When you order a black coffee, you will receive an espresso in the tiny cup. But don’t be
fooled by its size. This amount will be more than enough even for the most experienced
coffee drinkers. You may as well order coffee with milk, especially in the morning.

Though, don’t be surprised to see espresso and milk served in different cups.

You should then pour the espresso into the mild till you reach the color you wish for in a drink.