Ticket prices to Cuba from Miami skyrocket in December


HAVANA, Dec. 2 The flow of travel to Cuba from Miami faces a notable increase in prices, due to the increase during the Christmas season.which can even double the cost of air tickets. As of yesterday, tickets that usually range between $300 and $700 have skyrocketed, reaching figures exceeding $2,000 per person, added to the additional cost for luggage, according to Univisión.

This increase has surprised Cuban residents in Miami who plan to reunite with their families on the island during the holiday season. In particular, flights scheduled from December 25 have been affected, considerably raising costs and generating concern among travelers.

Ticket prices to Cuba from Miami skyrocket in December

Capture of ticket price search on American Airlines / CiberCuba (reference image)

In a quick search on the Internet, this editorial team was able to verify that for the Christmas season, American Airlines tickets skyrocketed to almost double their usual price.

“If I add what I bring to my family (the trip could cost me) $3,000,” a dismayed passenger told Univision upon discovering the increase in prices, revealing the surprise and frustration among those who plan to visit Cuba on these designated dates.

The situation is not only limited to commercial airlines such as American Airlines, where these exorbitant increases have been observed but is also reflected in charter flights, showing a similar panorama with skyrocketing prices during the Christmas season.

In parallel to this problem, the Biden administration took measures to stop the migratory flow from Cuba to the United States. This includes sanctions on promoters of charter flights between Cuba and Nicaragua, in an effort to control the migratory movement from the island.

Additionally, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis proposed the approval of a tax on sending or transferring money to Latin America and the Caribbean, arguing that this could be financing the illegal entry of immigrants from the United States.

The outlook for airlines operating on the route to Cuba has also experienced significant changes. In November, Southwest Airlines announced the cancellation of its flights to Havana from Fort Lauderdale due to a lack of profitability, limiting its operation to the connection from the city of Tampa.

For its part, American Airlines planned to carry out at least 82 weekly operations on the island during the next winter season, with the possibility of increasing these frequencies according to traveler demand, especially during the end-of-year festivities.

This company established new alliances with Cuban aviation and has participated in events such as the Havana International Fair (FIHAV), anticipating an increase in flights based on demand, especially from Cubans who plan to visit their relatives on the island for the end-of-the-year celebrations.

However, the reduction in flights by airlines such as JetBlue, United Airlines and Delta Airlines, announced in September, generated forecasts about a possible future increase in ticket prices to Cuba, and concerns among Cubans intending to travel to the island.

In addition, competition with charter flights, which allow a greater amount of luggage, has also influenced the slowdown in interest in scheduled airline flights.

Given this situation, travel agencies recommended that Cubans residing in the United States plan their reservations in advance for the end of the year, anticipating the expected increase in demand during December, which has already arrived.