Three brothers live in a cave in the easternmost tip of Cuba

Tres hermanos viven en una cueva en el extremo más oriental de Cuba

HAVANA, Jan. 16th. Three Cuban brothers live in a cave near the Pozo Azul Bagá area, in the easternmost tip of Cuba, La Punta de Maisí, in conditions of extreme poverty and forgotten by Cuban institutions.

“I was born here, in the area, and I am going to be 60 years old,” said Leonides Terrero Pérez, the middle of the three brothers in a video collected by YouTuber Juan Carlos, creator of the channel “Vámonos con Juanka.”

The man said that he was born in a cistern near the cave and lived there with his parents. When the mother died, the father of the three brothers stayed to live in another cave near theirs.

Asked what he does daily, he responded that despite his illness, he is in charge of keeping the place tidy for when his brothers, who are the ones who work, return.

“I’m sick, I can’t work, I’ve lost my vision, I’m having hemorrhoid surgery and I can’t have any more surgery according to the doctor and I dedicate myself to raising here, taking care of the animals… whatever needs to be done here I do it”, detailed in the video that consists of two parts to show the story of these three men.

The images show that the living conditions of these brothers are extremely poor, with some pots and pans, rustic beds mounted on fragile sticks, and only thin mattresses that do not separate the body from the base.

“My life has been this, and I won’t be able to do anything right now, because the years and the disease are attacking me,” he said.

The man also said that they have not gone to hospitals nor do the doctors arrive. “A little old lady came here, she was little, from there in Sabana… that was the one who did the deliveries here,” he narrated.

Aside from the conversation was the food since they get the provisions thanks to what nature gives them, coconuts to drink water and remove the fat to cook with it, also, fish, some meat, but everything is very unstable, they assure in their history.

His story, which is far from conventional luxury houses and apartments, also resembles that of a 90-year-old man who lives in a cave located in the mountainous municipality of Tercer Frente, in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

“His name is Salvador Ortega and the cave is located in Alto del Indio in the town of Las Bocas. For the last few years, Salvador, who is also known as El Nene, has been living in a hole isolated from society.

His life choice was not by choice, but because he had no other option,” user Petronilo del Río denounced on Facebook, who shared a video of the cave where the elderly Cuban is living.

The inhuman conditions in which several elderly Cubans live are not only observed in the caves. Another 65-year-old Cuban, resident in the province of Matanzas, has also been living in a disused cistern for eight years, in unsanitary and vulnerable conditions that the authorities have not attended to in time.