This Saturday 27% of Cubans will have blackouts

This Saturday 27% of Cubans will have blackouts

HAVANA, June 1  27% of Cuba will have blackouts during the hours of highest energy consumption in the evening this Saturday, according to the daily forecasts of the state company Unión Eléctrica (UNE).Among the causes of the blackouts are the lack of fuel that the obsolete terrestrial thermoelectric plants need to generate electricity, according to the UNE.

Other reasons are maintenance and breakdowns in several units of terrestrial thermoelectric plants, which has aggravated the energy situation in the country.

Electrical power outages affect all provinces of the country and reach ten hours a day and even in Havana, with the modality “scheduled” for each neighborhood. These last about eight hours.

The UNE, belonging to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, calculates for this Saturday a maximum electricity generation capacity of 2,475 megawatts (MW) for a demand that will reach 3,300 MW, partly due to the increase in temperatures.

The deficit – the difference between supply and demand – will be 825 MW and the impact – the circuits that will actually be disconnected – will reach 895 MW in the so-called “peak time”, in the evening.

Cuba’s national electrical system is in a very precarious situation due to the lack of imported fuel and breakdowns in thermoelectric plants, obsolete due to their more than four decades of use and the lack of investments and maintenance.

The Cuban Government has rented several floating power plants (of which currently only five remain) to alleviate the lack of generation capacity.

The blackouts hamper the economic performance of the country, which has been plunged into a serious crisis for four years.

They have also been the trigger for the anti-government protests in recent years, including those on July 11, 2021 – the largest in decades – and those on March 17 in Santiago de Cuba (east) and other locations.