This is the trailer for "Yuli", the film about the life of the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta

HAVANA, Sept. 11th Yuli’s trailer, the movie that tells the life of Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, is already published. This will become the letter of the Spanish filmmaker Icíar Bollaín to aspire to the Concha de Oro of the 66th San Sebastian Festival.

In the film, which will be released in theaters on December 14, the artist plays himself under the script of Paul Laverty.

The play narrates the life of Yuli, Carlos’s nickname, from his humbler origins in Havana to his emergence in companies such as the Houston Ballet and the Royal Ballet.

Filmed mainly in Cuba, where six of the eight weeks of filming took place, Yuli has a stellar cast among which include performers such as Laura De la Uz, Carlos Enrique Almirante and Andrea Doimeadiós.

The film details the beginning of Acosta in the dance, as well as the relationship he has with his father and his family.

Inspired by the autobiography of Carlos Acosta No Way Home, a mulatto boy is introduced who has his first school in the streets of Havana.
In that space will be forged the fighting character that will lead him to become one of the best dancers in the world.