reducción de los taxis del sector privado
HAVANA, Dec. 7 (Reuters) Cuba said on Thursday it will import hundreds of buses to strengthen its weakened public transport system amid a reduction in private sector taxis, whose drivers have shown discomfort following new state regulations to circulate on the island.

The announcement comes hours before Friday new restrictions for the circulation of passengers in the Cuban capital take effect, at a time when there is a deficit of “almendrones”, as it is known to the bulky private taxis that for decades has been the backbone of local transportation.

“Good news for our Havana is that at the end of December and beginning of January 400 new minibuses arrive that the State has acquired abroad that will reinforce the routes in the capital, of 12 seats each,” said the minister of Cuban transport, Adel Yzquierdo.

In a television program, Yzquierdo said that 90 buses will also arrive in the country that “have already embarked, are sailing and on December 13, the first 300 microbuses are shipped.”

However, in July, the government released a series of new stricter regulations on the private sector that include rules for taxis that will progressively enter into force throughout the country.

The rules require drivers to have a technical review to circulate, which most do not approve, the obligation to join taxi categories “route”, “free” and classic “, and a control through a card to buy fuel.

The State maintains that the taxis of the “cuentapropistas”, Fords, Chevrolets, Playmouths of 1950, have used stolen fuel from government entities and seeks to stop tax evasion and the purchase of parts and parts on the black market.

“By the end of November, 3 thousand 415 technical revisions were made to 1,902 cars. Some 800 private transporters have not submitted to the technical test and have delivered the license, “said Deputy Minister of Transportation, Marta Oramas.

The official said that as a result 2 167 licenses were canceled in Havana. Some drivers have threatened to pressure the state to modify the rules. The public transportation park in Cuba is one of the most deteriorated in the world.

“I am going to deliver the license. The measures are very strong and every day there is more pressure on the streets with the inspectors and the police, “said