They denounce animal abuse against horses in Sancti Spíritus

Denuncian maltrato animal contra caballo en Sancti Spíritus

HAVANA, March 21st. This Sunday, March 20, Cuban animal activist Dennis Valdés Pilar denounced a new case of animal abuse that occurred in Sancti Spíritus, the province where he lives.Through a publication on Facebook, the Antillean shared images of a horse that is used to transport people in the so-called “carts”, which collapsed in the middle of the street after its strenuous work in the sun.

“This animal here collapsed, I don’t have to do the story, we know or imagine what could have happened. In my case I saw it, it could not be stopped for a long time. The owner kept hitting him and dragging him by the tail.

Even after getting up, they put the steering wheel back on ” detailed the young man about the case of animal abuse that occurred in Sancti Spíritus.

Likewise, through a video also shared, it is clearly shown how a man -possibly the owner of the equine- savagely beats the animal to force it to get up and continue with the “work” of traction.
In Sancti Spíritus and the rest of Cuba, animal-drawn carts abound.

According to the young animal rights activist, carts are used in Sancti Spíritus “to transport up to 8 and 10 people from one place to another and excessively heavy loads.”

A similar case was reported last September in Havana. At that time, a jurist reported a case of animal abuse that occurred when a horse lay on the ground with signs of fatigue.

The defenseless animal spent more than eight hours exposed to the sun and heat there, as its owner abandoned it at the scene after not reacting to the blows and kicks inflicted.