There is no contract in Cuba with RevoluGROUP

RevoluGROUP lanzó servicio de envío de remesas a Cuba

HAVANA, March 6th No Cuban financial or other institution has a contract with RevoluGROUP,

so the formality and security of said transactions is unknown, the Central Bank of Cuba indicated through its website.

In a note, they explain that the news has spread that the foreign entity RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. has included Cuba among the recipient countries for sending remittances, however, there is no formal relationship on the island with the aforementioned company.

The Central Bank of Cuba ratified that the Government of the United States maintains the prohibitions and coercive measures applied in 2020 and 2021 against Cuban financial entities.

In the midst of the pandemic, in 2020, the United States Government cancelled the payment of remittances from that nation to Cuba through Western Union.

The Financiera Cimex, SA (Fincimex), authorized by the Central Bank of Cuba to carry out the intermediation operations of this process of financial flow to the Cuban family, then published on its official Facebook page that, as a consequence of the measures of the Government aimed at suffocating the Cuban economy, the service of the 407 payment points that make up the network of the US company in the national territory would be interrupted.

Thus, the official and safer channels for sending remittances from the United States were closed by those who cannot travel frequently to Cuba to support their loved ones with money or do not wish to use third parties to help their relatives.
This coercive measure, in force since October 23, 2020, has affected a good part of the Cubans on the Island, victims of an unconventional war perpetrated under the hostile shadow of the blockade.

The US government invented, to cancel the sending of remittances, the pretext that these were used to illegitimately benefit the military sector in the country. However, a year after its implementation, they have not yet been able to show a single argument to support this fallacy.

Despite the obstacles imposed on Fincimex by the cruel policy of the US government, said entity has continued to manage remittances to Cuba from other markets. It has also continued to fulfil its obligations with more than ten companies that work with remittances to the Island.
It has perfected and expanded its integration with Cuban commercial banks – Bandec recently joined the option of direct remittances to bank accounts.

Similarly, its transactional page has remained active for the entire world, processing thousands of monthly transactions.