The US authorizes Swift Air 13 flights with humanitarian aid to Cuba

The US authorizes Swift Air 13 flights with humanitarian aid to Cuba

HAVANA, Oct. 14th The United States government authorized the Swift Air company to carry out 13 chartered flights with emergency humanitarian cargo from Miami to the Cuban cities of Santa Clara and Holguín.

According to the document issued this Wednesday by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Swift Air will be able to operate 13 flights with food, medicine, and health supplies to both destinations between October 13 and 29.

The company’s request was pending an official decision since August 6, with the proposal to carry out combined passenger and humanitarian cargo flights to Cuba from August 13. The DOT order only authorized merchandise operations.

It is the third airline that receives authorization to bring humanitarian aid to Cuba, after Skyway Enterprises and IBC Airways, both based in Florida, obtained a similar permit, to operate about 10 weekly flights from Miami to Havana.

Swift Air, with offices in Miami and Greensboro, North Carolina, operates the largest number of chartered passenger flights to Cuba. Before the restrictions imposed by the Donald Trump administration, the DOT had assigned it 3,000 of the 3,600 flights approved on the charter calendar for 2020/2021.

Following DOT clearance, humanitarian aid flights from Miami to Cuba required a landing permit from the Cuban authorities. After a negotiation process with representatives of the Cuban Civil Aeronautics Institute (IACC) and the Cuban Aviation Corporation SA (CACSA), belonging to the Ministry of Transportation, the airlines’ Skyway Enterprises and IBC Airways received the green light to carry cargo. to the island.

Both Skyway Enterprises and IBC Airways are authorized by the DOT to extend their chartered flights to Cuba with humanitarian cargo until the end of 2021.

The first flights of IBC Airways with non-commercial cargo to the airports of Havana, Santa Clara and Varadero took place last September, as confirmed to CiberCuba by a representative of the airline.

In August, a statement from the Cuban government reported that IBC Airways had obtained permission to carry out two weekly flights with the CUBAMAX charter between Miami and Havana and that the airline was already in the process of contracting with the service providers for start operations heading to Cuba. However, the company has not independently confirmed its operations to the island’s airports.

The information from the Cuban authorities also indicated that by virtue of a previous authorization, since June 18 INVICTA, a company based in Hialeah has carried out two weekly Miami-Havana flights with the airline Skyway Enterprises. (Cibercuba)